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Display My Art  |  educational fundraiser
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Display My Art program enables schools and organizations around the country to raise money for their important needs while building students’ self-esteem and inspiring their creative abilities. Showcasing each student’s art work on our products demonstrates to them that their work is worthy of being transformed into a permanent keepsake. Families can have their child's work transferred onto selected products making treasured gifts that everyone can wear, share and display. Products are personalized at no additional cost and every artist will receive a free magnet displaying his/her drawing.
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Just a few easy steps

Contact Display My Art to schedule your program. We will set up a timeline that suits your organization. Base profit for your school or group is 30%. We can increase or decrease the profit as a custom option.

Determine how many children are in your school or group. Your Display My Art Kit will include enough materials for each child plus extras to send home so that sisters, brothers and other family members can join in on the fun.

We will provide you with a kit that includes everything needed to run a successful program.

  • FREE 8 inch square, heavy, white drawing paper provided

  • Sample of Display My Art products that can be displayed at school.

  • Artwork Identification Labels

  • Manila Folders

  • Products Brochure

  • Order Form

  • Every child will receive a free magnet displaying their artwork.

  • Students create their artwork following the easy printed instructions. The drawings may be done either in class, as part of a group project, or at home according to the preference of your school or club.

    Finished products arrive at the school individually packaged and arranged by class for easy distribution. Any questions that might arise after families receive their orders can be answered directly by Display My Art account executive at 1-800-394-2090.

    For additional information please
    contact us at 1-800-394-2090.
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